Ways To Stay Connected


Body Double

Since your child can't fit in his or her parent's suitcase and go on the trip as well, send a body double. Have your child pick a flat kid or comfort item for their parent that will go on the trip with them. It will be fun for your child to see this item in pictures during the parent's trip as well as give them an idea of their parent's surroundings. This can also make a great scrapbook of the parent and body double's adventures while they are away from home.


Daddy Doll

Have your child pick a stuffed animal or doll and have the parent who’s leaving fill it with hugs for their child to retrieve at bedtime or anytime they are missing their parent.


Treasure Box

Have your child decorate a shoe box with markers and stickers. This treasure box will be a special place to keep all the cool things they want to show their parent when they come home.


Care Packages

✎ Have a flat rate box open and ready to fill every day. ✎ Mark a date on your calendar to ship routinely. ✎ Pinterest pages for themed packages ✎ Go to and have discounted APO flat rate boxes shipped to your home.


Write Letters

✎ Have each child pick out their own special stationery ✎ Set a time to write weekly letters. ✎ Keep all letters from Daddy/Mommy in a special place to read when you can't talk on the phone or computer.

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